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Installation Instructions for 10155 5” Billet Alternator Pulley – GM/Ford

Installation Instructions:
  1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
  2. Remove alternator belt.
  3. Remove alternator pulley nut (use of an impact is recommended for this step).
  4. Remove existing alternator pulley and install your new 10155 pulley.
  5. Replace alternator nut. Torque to manufacturers recommended specification. Insure pulley spins freely.
  6. Insure pulley is properly lined up.
  7. Complete installation by installing the alternator belt and negative battery cable.

Notes: Pulley is designed to be bolted on and not pressed on. Changing pulley diameters can change the length of the belt required. Verify you have the proper length belt. Designed for use with a 36° x 17/32” Wide V-Belt.

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May 10, 2018
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