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1001-03, 1005-08 & 1015-17: Installation Instructions for Pro Shield Blinders

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Installation Instructions for 1001-1003, 1005-1008 & 1015-1017 Pro Shield Blinders 

  • Remove the shield from your helmet. 
  • Without removing the backing or facing, test fit the blinder to the shield to determine the areas to be trimmed. Keep in mind that you will need some peripheral vision at the finish line. The purpose of the blinder is to remove stray peripheral rays of light. 
  • Mark and trim the blinder. 
  • Additional trimming is much more difficult once the blinder is installed. Damage may occur to the shield or blinder. 
  • Mix a solution of warm soap and water (dishwashing liquid is ok). 
  • Remove the backing (shield side) and leave the facing on the decal. 
  • Using a spray bottle, apply the solution to the face of the shield (this will allow you to move the decal for positioning and smooth out any bubbles with a small squeegee, credit card or roller). 
  • Check for additional bubbles every 15 minutes or so. Continue to smooth them out as described above. 
  • Once the blinder has dried, usually about half an hour, carefully peel the protective covering from the face of the blinder and re-install the shield.

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May 10, 2018
Instruction Guides

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