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Customer q:

I'm looking for a replacement base plate for my 1150 Barry Grant dominator. It should be same as the Holley 1150 base plate.  Any suggestions? Numbers are as follows:

9377 sp10.  On side

12r-9027b.  On other side

#17369  on top

I know the base plate doesn't come off. I think the first number is the list number. It doesn't have a removable base plate. I need a new center section for this carb as it was broken in a nitrous back fire. Thanks


ac = No

drivewheel = 2WD

engine = 565 cu in

fuel = 4500 1150 dominator

make = Chevy

model = Camaro

pwrbrk = No

pwrstr = No

trans = Auto

year = 1967


Before Barry Grant produced the King Demon, they would use Holley cores. The 9377 carburetors do not have removable base. If this carb does have a removable base, I am afraid we do not offer replacements. We can most likely get this from Holley, however you know that this will not be the same as you have. BG performed different steps to balance etc, a new center will need this same work to match the performance. Holley does not offer the main body separately. I would have to suggest in this case you contact a local carb specialist, APD, AED or BLP. These companies may offer to sell you just the main body. Good luck and if you need anything further, please fell free to reach out to us 24/7.

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Posted on
March 26, 2018

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