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Customer q:

I'm building an engine for my car. It has 17cc dished forged Manley piston with forged h beam rods. Stock crank with clevite main and rod bearings. It has arp 2000 rod bolts and arp main studs. I also have Mahle moly rings on the pistons. I have 78mm bbk throttle body with a cold air intake with 24lbs injectors. I have a 373 gearing. I'm wanting to put a 200-250 shot of nitrous on it. What cam should I go with and what rom range should I shift at?


ac = Yes

drivewheel = 2WD

engine = 4.6 2v Romeo

fuel = Fuel injection

make = Ford

model = Mustang gt

pwrbrk = Yes

pwrstr = Yes

trans = 5apeed

year = 2000



Thank you for giving Jegs the opportunity to assist you.
Comp Cams # 249-102600 will work well with this combination
Should you need further assistance please feel free to contact us.


Bob Grace
JEGS Customer Service

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Posted on
March 26, 2018

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