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Customer q:

I own a 2017 Mustang V6. The wheels are all around 20x10 with 275/35/20 tires. Planning to install 1" lowering springs. After reading several forums regarding lowering springs, it is mentioned that it is fine to use stock struts with 1" lowering springs. However, if it's beyond 1", an aftermarket strut is advisable. What if I want to install 25mm wheel spacers all around after lowering? Is that advisable? Some say it should be fine, but they would not recommend it. Quick fact: I only drive my 'stang on the weekends for grocery shopping, catching a movie and church. I'll occasionally drive 3-4 hours between interstate. Other than that, nothing much to it. Thanks


ac = Yes

drivewheel = 2WD

engine = V6

fuel = Fuel Injection

make = Ford

model = Mustang

pwrbrk = Yes

pwrstr = Yes

trans = Manual

year = 2017


You will need to do some measuring to be sure you have wheel/tire clearance with the use of the spacers. As long as you do, there shouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately, we have nothing that will confirm fitment with the spacer. I apologize and wish you luck.

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Posted on
March 26, 2018

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