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Customer q:

The 225 V6 has a aftermarket HEI (Delco-Remy). I'm looking for a tune up kit. Do you have one? The engine was built by Kaiser but is essentially a GM 225 V6 odd fire. I’m definitely ordering, but does Davis Unified also sell a “tune-up kit” as well? Like the control module, ect.? This is the other stuff I need:


4-Pin Module

Advance Curve Kit

Adjustable Vacuum Advance



engine = Dauntless 225 V6

fuel = carb

make = Jeep

model = Jeepster

trans = Auto TH400

year = 1967


Thank you for giving JEGS the opportunity to assist you with your technical question. This cap here will work:

DUI 15000BK
‍Spark Delivery Cap And Rotor Kit Black GM V6 HEI With Internal Coil

Unfortunately, they don't sell it as one kit. Here is the 4 pin module:

DUI 000222
‍Davis Unified Ignition D.U.I. Dyna-Module Ignition Module 4-Pin for GM 1974 - 1990 GM without Computer

Here is the coil:

DUI SS-419

Advance Curve Kit:

MSD Ignition 8428
‍HEI Advance Curve Kit For Street Fire Distributors

And the adjustable vacuum advance:

JEGS Performance Products 40003
‍Adjustable Vacuum Advance For GM V8 HEI

Just click on the photo and your will be directed to the product page to make your purchase. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us 24/7. Thank you for choosing JEGS.

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Posted on
March 26, 2018

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