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Customer q:

I am interested in upgrading my transmission from the original 2 speed to a 4 speed automatic with OD. I'm looking for better performance and lower RPM when on long highway runs. Your part #555-60306 states that it will handle up to 450hp, which is well above my 345hp. I want to know what adapters, if any, are need to bolt up directly to my original 1965 400CID Olds engine? I want to purchase everything needed at one time such as torque converter, adapters, linkage, cables, cable mounts and so on. I can handle any driveshaft modifications as long as I know what they are. I can also make any cross members mounting location changes. I would like to keep the original center console and shifter as long as the shift linkage can be modified to adapt. I know this is a lot of questions, but I want to know as much as possible prior to purchase and installation, with minimal minimal surprises. Thank you!!


ac = Yes

drivewheel = 2WD

engine = Original 400 cu in, stock 345hp

fuel = Rochester 4GC, but thinking of going to some type of throttle body fuel injection

make = Oldsmobile

model = Cutlass 442

pwrbrk = Yes

pwrstr = Yes

trans = 2sp automatic

year = 1965


Hi there and thanks for choosing JEGS. I would recommend transmission #555-60306. No Adapter will be needed to fit to a 400 Olds. You can use TCI converter #890-242960. In order to use your factory shifter, you will have to modify the linkage and cable bracket or you could attempt to install a B&M shifter in your factory console, #130-80690. You are also going to need a converter lock up kit. I recommend #890-376600. Good luck with the upgrade and if you hit a snag and need additional assitance, please contact us anytime, 24/7.

JEGS Performance Products 60306
‍TH200-4R Performance Transmission for 1981-1990 Chevy, Buick, Oldsmobile, or Pontiac V8

TCI 242960
‍11" Breakaway Torque Converter 1981-84 GM 700R4/200C/2004R Non Lock-up

B&M 80690
‍MegaShifter Automatic Shifter Universal GM/Ford/Chrysler

TCI 376600
‍Universal Lockup Wiring Kit For Use With 2004R/700R4 Transmissions

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Posted on
March 27, 2018

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